Maternity & Newborns

What's more beautiful than a mom-to-be carrying new life inside of her? Or images of the first few days after you welcome your baby into the world?! Capturing this amazing time in your life is something you will never regret! I offer custom Maternity Sessions as well as Newborn Sessions to help you forever remember this incredible time. As a dad myself, I know just how quickly little ones change and grow. Don't let this very special time go by without having professional photos taken!

Special pricing available when you book a Maternity and Newborn photo session together. Contact me for details!


How far along should I be for the photo shoot?

A.While this varies quite a bit based on each individual woman and how much she’s showing, I generally recommend planning on doing your maternity photos when you’re a minimum of 32 weeks along.

Do you supply Maternity gowns/outfits?

A.Because everyone has their own personal style and tastes, I don’t supply gowns or outfits. However, you can find hundreds of options on Amazon and Etsy for under $30.

What should I wear?

A.Maternity gowns, headpieces, and form fitting tops are all great additions to your maternity shoot as well as anything that will help accentuate your baby bump!

Where will the photos be taken?

A.Photo sessions are truly customized to each individual client, so it really depends on what you want! Outdoors, indoors, my studio, your home; I'm all about whatever you want! Do you dream of having your Maternity photos taken in a field of flowers with the golden sun setting low in the sky? Would you prefer intimate shots in your home in a milk bath with flower petals floating around you? Do you enjoy being carefree and natural and want to capture your true feminine form with window light outlining your silhouette? All of these options and countless more are possibilities for your photo session! Contact me today to start planning your Maternity session!

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