About Me

Hey there! It's me, Andrew. Want to know a little about me before we schedule a chat? Well, here ya go!

I was born and raised in Vermont and currently raise my two beautiful children here as well. I've always had a passion for photography, but not until my oldest daughter was born, did I pick up my first professional camera and really get hooked. Life goes by REALLY fast; especially with kids! What started as my desire to capture moments of my own children as they grow older, expanded into a passion for capturing moments and telling stories in the lives of others through photography.

I would love to have a time machine to help everyone relive all the happy moments in their life, but I'm not Marty McFly. :) However, I DO have the next best thing....the skills and equipment necessary to deliver beautiful photos that you can enjoy for years to come! Since I started in 2016, I have worked with hundreds of clients, taken tens of thousands of photos, and have spent more late nights than I can count educating myself in the art of photography. All because I am passionate about delivering the very best experience possible to my clients!

When I'm not behind my camera, meeting with awesome people, or working on photos, you can find me enjoying time with my kids, taking in the latest movie, being an at-home-chef, enjoying motorcycle rides around New England with the woman I love, and looking for my next favorite restaurant. I have one cat who thinks she's a person and a blue Betta fish my kids name Jackson Lightning Storm (they just finished watching Cars when they named it...) I love spending time with my family and friends, meeting awesome people, traveling, eating great food and enjoying multiple cups of caffeine a day. I'm very motivated and like to stay busy, but I also have a calm and easy-going personality that helps put all my photography clients at ease within minutes. There's not many things I hate in life, but alarm clocks and green bean casserole definitely top the list!

That's a little about me. Now, let's talk about YOU! I'd love to meet with you, grab a beverage, and learn how I can create a custom photo session that centers around your needs and desires. Contact me today to book your free consultation!

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