Mountains, Lakes, Dogs, and Guns....

Working with Seniors, like this lovely young lady, help make my job as a photographer so much fun! Brooke is a fantastic gal with a great smile and relaxed personality and is currently a Senior at Lake Region High School. When planning her photo shoot, she made sure to mention that she really wanted to incorporate her passion for hunting into the photos. Being a lifelong hunter myself, I was thrilled with this idea and the fact that she's a young woman who enjoys hunting was all the more exciting to me! Hunting and shooting sports tend to be dominated a lot by men, but women are just as able (and sometimes more so) as guys! Capturing photos of her with her hunting rifle as well as her dog Remington was such a great experience for me and I hope that it shows women of all ages that they are just as able as men to participate in this wonderful tradition and sport.

In addition to photos showing her love for hunting and decked out in camo, I also captured beautiful photos of Brooke near a gorgeous zig-zag cedar rail fence that she had seen and fell in love with. After that, we ventured down to Lake Willoughby to capture photos by the water with the mountains towering above us!

Senior Photography is what originally got me started in the photography business and because of Seniors like Brooke, still remains one of my greatest passions today!